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More guests than plates?!

Don’t Panic! See if CHINA FINDERS can help you.

When you begin to set your table for that special family dinner or
business luncheon and find that you’ve broken, chipped or
misplaced a piece of your china or crystal - what do you do?  It may
be too late for this meal. But plan ahead for next time.

Visit China Finders.  We may be able to help you, even if what you
need originally belonged to Grandmother.  We deal in most major
manufacturers of discontinued or obsolete china, dinnerware,
crystal and glassware.  We have a large inventory of items readily
available on our shelves - from antique items not made in over 50
years to a few patterns that are still being actively made.  Items are
sold by the piece, so you may buy as many or as few pieces as you

We guarantee the condition of every item.  Nothing will be sold
chipped, cracked, or broken.  Since many items are rare or very
difficult to find, however, we do carry some less-than-perfect
pieces.  Any known defect will be brought to your attention and the
price will reflect the actual condition of each piece.  And, since the
items are available in the storefront, you can personally inspect
each item, as well.  If we don’t have what you need, we also maintain
a registry of clients so that we can continue looking for what you
need.  When we find it, we contact you and let you know what is
available.  There is no risk to you.

Shop around.  We know you will find that our prices are fair.  You
can also shop by phone, e-mail, regular mail, or visit the storefront
in person.  We strive to provide fast, courteous, personal service.  
We buy too!  So contact us to dispose of any unwanted items.
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